Christmas Hot Pad SVG Design For Easy Neighbor Gift DIY

Christmas Hot Pad SVG Design For Easy Neighbor Gift DIY

Anyone else have grand Christmas aspirations that fizzle out as the days tick closer and closer to December 25? I make lists and then start crossing people and ideas off the lists as I start to run out of time LOL. One thing I'm keeping on my list this year is neighbor gifts, but I needed a neighbor gift idea that was easy to make and didn't have a quick expiration date (like a loaf of Christmas bread).

I'm happy to report I've come up with an easy DIY neighbor gift using Cricut, I've already made mine, and I'm sharing the file so you can be ahead of the game too. 

mrs claus baking co hot pads diy neighbor gift

I grabbed some red potholders from Dollar Tree, but if you can't find them there, I also spotted this red/green set on Amazon that is inexpensive.

You'll also need some white Iron-On Vinyl. Siser Easy Weed HTV is my favorite for this. It almost melts into the fabric and washes up great. 

Once you've got all your supplies gathered, I've made a free SVG for you. Download the FREE Christmas Hot Pad SVG here

1. Upload the Christmas Hot Pad SVG into your cutting software. Select the entire design and "Attach" it so that it cuts exactly as it is on the screen (instead of smooshing pieces together to save space). 

2. Prepare for cutting. Make sure your image is mirrored prior to cutting. 

3. If you are using Siser Easy Weed HTV, place it shiny side down on your mat. 

4. Cut out your design.

5. Weed away any excess vinyl, so you are left with just your design. And in case you are wondering what happens if you don't do that, this. This is what happens LOL. 

weeding craft fail

It had been awhile since I'd done a vinyl project and though I thought "this seems wrong" as I started to iron, my brain failed me and just kept on letting me do it. #craftfail

6. Place your design HTV side down with the shiny backing face up. If you have mirrored your design, everything should be facing the correct way at this point. 

7. Iron by placing the iron down, holding, then picking directly up and placing and holding on another part. If you slide the iron around like you do when ironing a shirt, you run the risk of smearing your design. Press, don't slide the iron. 

8. Peel off the backing while the design is still warm.

mrs claus baking hot pad

9. Place cookie mix, a spatula or any other fun baking items in the pocket and tie with a ribbon. Watch for a sale on cookie mixes and this whole gift is under $5.

Easy DIY Neighbor Guft

I attached one of my Mrs. Claus Shaped Face Cards to each gift. I thought it was just the perfect finishing touch. 

One thing to note. If someone uses the HTV side of the hot pad to pick up a hot dish, it's basically the same as reheating the HTV and it may warp the design. I like the Dollar Tree potholders because they have silicone on one side so it's obvious which side to use for hot dishes.  

mrs claus easy DIY neighbor gifts
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