Cardstock Strips Technique for Handmade Cards

Cardstock Strips Technique for Handmade Cards

As soon as I saw this cardstock strips technique, I was instantly obsessed. I first saw Kate Diegnan share this technique and immediately had to try it. I love that you can pack a whole bunch of bright colors onto one single card AND I love that this is a great way to use up cardstock scraps.

Gnome gang halloween strip card

The strip cardstock technique is easy.

1. Choose a few colors of cardstock and cut long strips. You can do them all the same width (I like 1/2 inch) or you can vary the width. 
2. Cut a piece of cardstock the size of your card front. 
making cardstock strip cards
3. Next, place adhesive all over the card front. Start laying the strips down over the adhesive. You can do diagonal, vertical or horizontal. All of these result in different looks. 
making cardstock strip cards
4. Once you've got the entire card front covered, trim off excess strips around the edge of your card front. You can use this piece as a background for so many beautiful creations. 
making cardstock strip cards
For a variation on this look, create the background, then slice it down the middle or off center and turn one of the pieces the opposite direction to achieve a "quilted" look. Or add just a few strips to the center of your card and layer stamped or die cut images over the top. 
cardstock strips card

Easy peasy! Keep this cardstock strips technique in mind next time you are wondering how to use up cardstock scraps. 

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