mother's day shadow box card

Mother's Day Card Shadow Box SVG

To celebrate Mother's Day I have a little freebie for you. Keep scrolling and you can grab this free shadow box card SVG file. This is the base file that can be dressed up for any occasion.

Here's to all the mamas who give it all day after day and then share their Mother's Day treats! Being a mom is not what you think it's going to be, that's for sure! It actually brings so much more joy and so much more heartache than you could ever imagine. 

shadow box card free svg files

Back to the shadow box card! I recorded a shadow box card assembly video for 12x12 Cardstock Shop and you can watch it here. In the video you'll also get instructions for creating this without the shadow box card SVG files in case you don't have a cutter.

I love these little cards because you can create little scenes in the multiple layers. They actually fold flat as well, so you can stick them in the mail.

Download the FREE shadow box card SVG here.

Here's Another Free Mother's Day SVG for you!

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